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Call for Application for Data Driven Journalism Training 2023 is now open! Apply here.

CMR Nepal Journalism Academy, in partnership with Interlink Academy, Germany, is conducting data driven journalism training for mid-career Nepali journalists in Kathmandu.

Eligible candidates are invited to apply for this course.

This is a free course that will be conducted by CMR Nepal Journalism Academy’s trainers.

Application closes: March 14, 2023

First attendance phase: March 2023
Second attendance phase: May, 2023

Before applying, please read FAQs below carefully.

Who can apply?

Nepali journalists who have at least 3 years of experience in journalism in any media of Nepal (radio, television, newspaper or online.

This course is fundamental course on data journalism for mid-career journalists with no or very little knowledge of data journalism.

What topics are covered in the course?

  • Data in journalism
  • Working with data: calculations and filtering
  • Data Visualization: graphs, charts and maps
  • Data sources and formats
  • Data scrapping and cleaning
  • Making sense of the huge data
  • Live tables, graphs and maps
  • Creating infographics
  • Data-driven stories

Is there a fee to attend the course?

No. All the selected participants of this course will receive scholarships that cover the course fees as well as breakfast/lunch during the course’s attendance phases.

Is travel and accommodation provided?

No. Travel and accommodation is not provided for this course.

If you are applying from outside Kathmandu, please note that you will be responsible for travel and accommodation during the attendance phases of the course.

What is the attendance phase?

Attendance phases is when the trainees and trainer meet face-to-face for the course. There are two attendance phases in this course. Each attendance phase is 6 days when participants are expected to attend the course at the Journalism Academy in Kathmandu from 9AM to 5PM daily.

What is the elearning phase?

eLearning phase is when participants participate in course online. There is a 6-week long elearning phase in this course during which participants can continue working at their workplace. However, they are expected to allocate 4–8 hours a week (on any day and time of their choice) for the course assignments.

How to apply?

To apply for the course, please fill in the application form here.

To complete the application form, you need to have following documents ready in pdf or docx:

  • Your curriculum vitae (CV)

How are participants selected?

A three-member selection panel comprising of a trainer, a representative from CMR Nepal and a representative from Interlink Academy will select the participants based on the eligibility and qualification of the participants.

While CMR Nepal Journalism Academy will selected the participants who are likely to benefit much from the course, it will make best attempts to make the group inclusive selecting eligible participants from disadvantaged groups. On free courses, the Academy will not select more than one participant from same publication unless there is a very strong reason.

Once I apply for this course, can I re-apply for another course of the Academy?

Yes. If you have applied for Journalism Academy course and not selected, you can apply for another course.

No. If you have applied and selected (even if you do not attend after selection) for Journalism Academy course, you are no eligible to apply for free courses.

I attended previous training conducted by CMR Nepal, can I re-apply?

If the topic of the training is different than training you attended, you can apply.

If you have any further query, please send an email to admin@journalism.academy

To apply, click here.