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About Us

CMR Nepal Journalism Academy is a joint initiative of the Center for Media Research – Nepal (CMR-Nepal) and Interlink Academy for International Dialog and Journalism, Hamburg, Germany to establish a leading journalism training school to build capacity of mid-career journalists for digitally transformed journalism.

The advancement in technology, especially the development of internet, has transformed media and journalism. However, journalists, especially those in developing countries like Nepal, are struggling to match the pace of technological advancement. In order to reap benefits from opportunities provided by digital world, journalists need to acquire up to date skills and knowledge. The CMR Nepal Journalism Academy has provided trainings to journalists focusing on skills necessary to excel in the digital world.

Our training courses are designed based on the needs of journalists and their newsrooms. Our methods help them learn new skills and immediately apply the same to their profession. We want to help Nepali media and journalists become strong fourth pillar of democracy.

We provide direct and interactive training. We focus on practical aspects. Our trainees practice the skills newly learnt during the course and employ them at work in the newsroom. Our trainers provide coaching during practice and implementation of those skills.

Our classroom is a state-of-art training room designed for effective learning in a comfortable setting. With modern equipment for every training need, the classroom is easily accessible with private and public transportation.

Our focus is on the skills of digital journalism, and we plan to design courses based on the needs of journalists. We run courses on,     

  • Mobile journalism
  • Data driven journalism
  • Podcasting
  • Digital security for journalists
  • Verification and fact-checking
  • Audience engagement
  • Specialized reporting in the digital world
  • Digital storytelling